Facilitator: Antti Lyyra
Venue: PAR.LG.03, 9.10 – 10.10

Ole Hanseth (Oslo)
Ola Henfridsson (Warwick)
Jannis Kallinikos (LSE)

IS community a long history in studying management information systems in organisational contexts. As technologies are developing rapidly to cover new functions and taken into use in a wide variety of social and organisational contexts, it is expected that theoretical literature also develops to conceptualise and scrutinise the emerging state of affairs. To explore avenues for theorising digitalisation at large, this panel discusses where theories of digitalisation may stand as technological and social contexts of research are transcending traditional boundaries. The talking points of the panel revolve around what a contribution may look like while also touching upon the appropriate levels and units of analysis along with the empirical contexts that could provide fruitful avenues towards contribution.