3 May 2017

Call for Submissions

Theorising and Teaching the Origins and Impacts of Digitalisation

We would like to invite submissions for the 2017 Open Research Forum Workshop at the LSE. Aiming at PhD and junior Researchers, this year’s workshop will explore theorising and teaching of an increasingly multi-faceted phenomena of digitalisation.

As digital technologies become increasingly ubiquitous and sophisticated, they also carry an increasing potential to upend business and governance strategies and to alter organisational and social practices. This poses fresh challenges to researchers and teachers of information systems and digital innovation as they might be expected to teach and theorise the phenomena of digitalisation at large, ranging from spreadsheets and infrastructures to social media, blockchains, artificial intelligence and robotics in a variety of organisational and social settings.

If you are researching, struggling with or have a well-crafted opinion on how to theorise and teach this expanding matrix of technologies and social contexts, please do join us and share your work and views. This year, there are two alternative types of submission:

– Recent research work on theorising and teaching digitalisation, or

– Discuss the brief: Describe and justify your views on how to theorise or teach digitalisation.

A significant feature of the Open Research Forum is its informality. While we discourage the use of slides, we will focus on presentations with plenty of time to focus on emerging questions and issues. You do not need to bring polished research, but rather to briefly present your topic/opinion, research question, theory, methodology and tentative or expected findings and engage in discussion with fellow researchers.

Registrations for the Open Research Forum are currently taking place. If you are interested in presenting, please submit a summary (500-1000 words) of the work or research issues you would like to present and discuss to SSIT-ORF@lse.ac.uk. If you are interested in participating without a presentation, you can register to attend only here. Deadline for submissions is the 9th of April 2017. Successful participants will be notified by the 14th of April.

Looking forward to meeting you in May,

Open Research Forum Committee