The freedom to deploy, experiment and innovate

Jianhua Shao from City University, Cass Business School will present research co-authored with Yossi Lichtenstein and Stephan Haefliger into The freedom to deploy, experiment and innovate: A comparative analysis of open commons infrastructure in the web and app economies. Read the summary below.

In my talk, I will attempt to challenge on the commercial pervasiveness and ownership complexity of digital infrastructure, as we know little about the contingencies involved in the deployment of and experimentation with digital infrastructure by downstream businesses that determines their innovation activities and economic success. I explore these contingencies by asking How does OSS deployment influence digital entrepreneurship? What are the infrastructure components preferred by young companies in contrast to established companies? How does OSS influence firms’ own technology and business? Does the ownership of digital infrastructure impact on their deployment? We address these questions through an economic and legal perspective that contrasts Property with Commons. I will introduce a comparative analysis of actual deployment and experimentation with infrastructure components, by entrepreneurial Web and mobile commerce companies. I believe the growth in data science and machine learning on the technology side, as well as scalable servitisation and multi-sided markets on the commercial side should provide a rich context for discussion.