Dr Cristina Alaimo one of our faciliators

We’re honoured to announce that dr Cristina Alaimo will be one of our facilitators during the SSIT ORF on the 19th of May. Here’s why she thinks this event is not to be missed.

We are in the midst of a data revolution. From banking to healthcare, from music to online dating the mantra is the same: big data is about to change everything. However, small and big data have always been at the core of several industries: what is that makes today’s big data special? Certainly big data is more than just a matter of “Vs” (volume, variety and velocity). The challenge for management and social science thus is to investigate big data as a composite socio-technical phenomenon. It is by looking at how specific industries, technologies and knowledge produce big data, or at how they made it portable across platforms, for instance, that we can really start discussing the socio-economic impact of today’s data revolution. The ORF is a great opportunity to engage with this timely and interesting topic and the growing research community behind it.


Dr. Cristina Alaimo holds a PhD in Information Systems from the LSE Department of Management. Her research focuses on social media. It studies social media platforms and social networks both in terms of large information infrastructure, and as social data production platforms. She is interested in investigating the socio-cultural effects of social informatics, data production and computation. Her research examines the ways in which social media ecosystem of platforms and applications disrupts traditional business sectors such as retailing, media and marketing. Among others, Cristina has researched a music platform, an advertising company, a data analytics company and has conducted an extensive case study on a London-based startup dedicated to social commerce.