Presentation by prof. John King at our ORF

It’s our pleasure to announce that professor John Leslie King from the University of Michigan, School of Information, will give a talk at our Open Research Forum in May.

In his talk, prof. John King will discuss the deep epistemological effect of the data revolution, including the nature of knowledge, the rules of evidence and the role of theory. In the preparation for the event, prof. John King predicts:

Dwight Eisenhower, General of the Army and U.S. President, once told a reporter, “Any war will surprise you.” The data revolution will surprise us. Predictions will not materialize, yet we will be amazed. Every IT-based revolution has been like this. Why should this time be different? All computing is social computing, raising fundamentals: the nature of knowledge, the rules of evidence, the role of theory. As Sherlock Holmes would say, the game is afoot! Join in.

John King

John Leslie King is a W.W. Bishop Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information. His main works deal with computerisation in the public sector and municipalities, as well as other organisations. He has also worked on privacy issues and some of the primary computerisation projects such as project SAGE. He is the author (together with Kalle Lyytinen) of Information systems : the state of the field, published by Wiley in 2006. Prof. King has a BA in Philosophy, and graduated with a PhD from the University of California, Irvine School of Administration. Today the School of Administration in UC Irvine is the Paul Merage School of Business.