What is the format of the ORF?

The guiding ideas of the ORF are informality and inclusion. To that end, the format of the ORF deviates from traditional academic conference presentations in two ways:

First, we ask presenters to refrain from using tools such as power point. Instead we encourage a short verbal summary of key points of the research in progress and the issue the presenter would like to concentrate on during the session – whether that issue is methodological, epistemological, empirical, or otherwise is completely up to the presenter. Each presenter has a maximum of 15 minutes for their presentation. After presentations, the audience will participate with questions and comments.

The second alteration is the panel form of presentations. Rather than a sequence of individual appearances, the ORF aims at grouping presenters into panels that share a common theme regardless of the works’ stage, or discipline.

Each of the panel sessions will be facilitated by experienced academics from various institutions and backgrounds. Facilitators will guide through the panel sessions – each lasting about 90 minutes – engage the audience and address areas of concern as they emerge. Within each session, around 30 minutes is dedicated solely to discussions, questions and comments.

Together these ideas are aimed at exploring topics in depth while embracing wide participation.